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One Commissioning and transformation

During the last year Bury CCG have been making further progress to become One Commissioning Organisation with Bury Council. Bringing together our commissioning functions creates the right environment to plan care and make decisions together to improve services, reduce inequalities and support people to remain well for longer than is currently the case.

Sitting alongside the joining up of our commissioning arrangements, local service providers are working in a more joined up way in what is known as the Local Care Organisation. Through this new approach, frontline services are working together to provide care at a neighbourhood level and in a more co-ordinated way.  This work is described in our Locality Plan which aims to bring care closer to home and where possible outside of a hospital setting.

One Commissioning Organisation-Programme Initiation Document

The purpose of the Programme Initiation Document is to set out approach to the development of One Commissioning Organisation (OCO) in Bury, in line with planned transformational change to deliver on local, regional and national priorities and initiatives within public sector services. This programme of work seeks to ensure the successful integration of the commissioning functions of Bury Council and Bury CCG and as such this is a working document and will be revised and updated as the programme progresses.

The Programme takes the two respective organisations from their current forms, through a stage of aligned functions, to the final integrated entity, after it has completed all the activities necessary for consolidation of the commissioning functions. It concentrates on the actions necessary to ensure approval from the Council Cabinet and CCG Board to operate as Bury One Commissioning Organisation (OCO) from April 2020. This programme will also ensure that appropriate plans are in place to fully review and integrate commissioning functions and associated operational management arrangements in line with the stated intentions in the Locality Plan. This will include the disaggregation and redesign of existing resources in line with the wider developments of the Locality Care Organisation (LCO) and Neighbourhood Working arrangements, using existing mechanisms in line with legal frameworks.


Under the Greater Manchester (GM) Devolution Agreement, a range of powers and responsibilities are being transferred from Government to the GM Combined Authority. Included within this agreement is responsibility for the conurbation’s NHS services and budget which is estimated to be £2billion in deficit. GM has produced a strategic plan, under-pinned by 10 locality plans, which commits to closing this gap over the next 5 years. Bury’s Locality Plan, “Bolder, Braver Bury – Towards GM Devolution” is clear in its ambition and commitment to move the local health and social care economy. It takes account of the financial challenges facing both organisations and the opportunities from both organisations coming together to deliver a more financially sustainable position, improve wellbeing among the resident population and oversee a reduction in health inequalities. This will be achieved through four key themes:

  • Redesigning and improving services – encouraging joint working, greater efficiency and new delivery models to make the sector more sustainable. This includes changing the local approach to commissioning.
  • Moving services closer to the community – reducing the gravitational pull of acute settings by creating and nurturing appropriate provision in localities to keep people well.
  • Investing in early intervention and prevention – information, guidance and support to reduce the prevalence and severity of conditions that lead to demand for statutory and emergency services.
  • Enabling people to self care – helping the registered and resident population to play a more prominent role in looking after their own health and well being.

Consistent with this intention is the wider reform of public sector services, and Bury has already established a Neighbourhood Working Programme to deliver the principles of place based integration, redesigning services with individuals, families, communities at the heart, adopting an asset based approach that recognises and builds on their strengths and developing a new relationship between public services and citizens, communities and businesses that enables shared decision making, democratic accountability and voice, genuine co-production and joint delivery of services. As part of the North East Sector (NES) the Bury OCO will have a major role to play to influence the commissioner and provider landscape, given that some provider organisations operate across more than one Local Authority and ensuring that Bury’s commissioning priorities are reflected in the wider discussions and at a GM level. Senior Leaders of Bury Council and Bury CCG have established a planning structure and work programme framework to provide leadership, oversight and co-ordination of the key work programmes needed to ensure whole system transformation and service redesign.

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