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The Children, Young People & Culture Department

The Department was formed in April 2014, when a number of functions from the Environment and Development Services Department were added to those within the Children’s Services Department. The new functions including libraries, Arts and the Museum, Catering, Cleaning & Caretaking and School Crossing Patrols merged in to the Learning Division to form Learning & Culture. This range of responsibilities is currently being reviewed and is likely to change. The role of the Assistant Director for Education and Inclusion will have the following responsibilities:

The Departmental Plan outlines our key actions in support of our departmental priorities:

  • To improve outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and families through multi-agency working.
  • To support and enable a strong and autonomous school sector.
  • To ensure that the Department for Children, Young People and Culture is an effective and cost-effective organisation.
  • Implementation of SEND reforms from September 2014.
  • To do all we can to keep children and young people safe from harm.
  • To enrich the quality of life for Bury residents and visitors.

As well as our plan of what we are trying to achieve we also adopted a statement five years ago which sets out our desired culture and leadership approach, called “How we do Things Around Here”. Although we don’t always meet these aspirations we try our best. We reviewed the document with staff a couple of years ago and it was felt to be still relevant.

The Assistant Director has joint oversight of two other posts:

  • Strategic Lead for Early Help and Early Years, jointly with the Assistant Director (safeguarding) and
  • Strategic Lead for Families, Partnerships & Health, which is a joint post with health and who works across our Department with a particular focus on the SEND action plan and the social , emotional and mental health of children and young people.

This group, together with a number of other colleagues, form the Social Care Management Team.

The DCS is closely involved in the GM work to ensure that we can achieve our collective vision of having the best outcomes and lide chance for children and young people across all of Greater Manchester.

There is a strong expectation that the new Assistant Director will be closely involved in regional and sub-regional partnership working to ensure that we bring the best practices to the children of Bury.

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